TikTok Monetization – Here’s how You Can Make Money On TikTok


More and more, we are now talking about TikTok because it’s the app that proved its consistency through its short-form videos. Many entrepreneurs and marketers are using this platform to get some updates regarding the monetization process. However, monetization can be utilized by the accounts with more than 1000 followers, which is easier with dedicated efforts.

Here, the content creators generate coins or donations for the videos they make and gain money as an exchange. So, create content with crazy views because it is really very important to gain followers before diving directly into the process of monetization. 

#1 Grow TikTok Accounts And Sell Them

This is the first and foremost method that we will discuss and the best method that people choose the most. However, this is becoming more popular based on the niche eCommerce and product space. First, you will be choosing a niche and go ahead to write content, and when the content goes viral, you will come to know the ideal customer of the product. 

There are already people who started working on making money via TikTok, thereby establishing their fame. Usually, it’s a niche topic that might not be sold, but they chose to sell their TikTok profiles by reaching the brands in the industry based on the legit. 

#2 TikTok Consulting

Once you become a TikTok pro analyzing the strategies behind how a specific video gets 100,000 views, you can proffer consulting services. And if you want your videos to look enriched, you can get TikTok likes that helps in building a reputation. This consulting is really a great way to add your expertise and help people who wish to become TikTok famous so hundreds and more people can see their videos. 

The fact behind this TikTok consulting is that you need to have a thorough background and experience in order to offer this kind of service. But once the people know you far better, they will pay for your expertise and pick you for your ideas for their account.

Herein, you can help the person to get deals or agreements, and you can be a part of the negotiation. And when you are uncomfortable with the deal offerings, you can neglect them simply because you are their consultant and the one who helped make their video go viral. 

#3 Manage Influencer Campaigns On TikTok

Another method to make money on TikTok is by supporting influencer campaigns. This is not a new idea but the one which still works well on TikTok offering money to the influencers. You can serve as a middleman, i.e., being helpful to the content creators and the brands who wish to work with the influencers. Roles of influencers include creating an agreement, looking after all the deliverables, and more. 

As a coordinator, you can charge a fee to the service you are about to provide, managing influencer campaigns. Influencer program is the basic concept where big brands can reach you if you are an influencer that matches their niche idea. 

#4 TikTok Advertising Platform

This is the fourth way to make money on TikTok, called an ads platform. Same as the Facebook and Instagram ads, you can use the TikTok ads for making money. First of all, you need to sign up to access the TikTok ads platform.

It is easier for the ones who have already gone through the paid traffic before. If you feel that your market is worthier by creating ads, you can invest in them by adding some budget. 

According to a study, you can make an average of $0.01 to $0.02 for each(sponsored view) on TikTok. Consider, if you have a video with 1,00,000 views, you can gain up to 100 dollars through sponsorships. 

#5 TikTok Donations

Donations are the method of collecting donations from the viewers by going Live on TikTok. This TikTok donation feature is the built-in one that appears to be fascinating. If you’re a TikTok user, you can get involved in the profile and purchase an essential term called coins.

Some wonder how it will be helpful with these kinds of coins. Assume when you find out your favorite creators are going Live on TikTok, you can send them coins as a way of content appreciation they have done so far. 

Coins can be turned into diamonds, and finally, the diamonds will be converted into cash via PayPal. Also, when the creators are Live, they can actually attach a shopping cart to the product they sell. 

#6 TikTok Management Services

This TikTok management service is one of the best methods to offer assistance to the app’s creators. Have you ever noticed some creator’s follower’s base grow overnight? It happens super fast, like having a business land in their lap. You can get involved by helping the creators with content strategy and managing offers and deals that come their way. 

When you have a better background in storytelling or production, you can include them by offering management services to the TikTok creators. 

Wrapping Up

So, here are the six ways that will absolutely help you gain money on TikTok. Before getting to know the opportunities, withstand the basic guidelines to acquire a TikTok creator fund.


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