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Review The Rain Season 3. The rain season 3 is a mixture of hope and despair as the characters seem exhausted by a world that weighs heavily on the unfair side. The rain season 3 review (netflix):

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The following contains spoilers for the rain season 3, streaming now on netflix. There was a virus rainfall and it affects all of the humans. The rain in 2020 will resonate with a deeper meaning, especially for teenagers. The season will also be the final season of the show. However, we soon also learn that the virus will also eventually kill them — rasmus is slowly.

She's lost the love of her life.

Throughout this season rasmus' girlfriend has. Let me know in the comments. She retreats to the motorhome and lays down, the shock sinking in. There is literally nothing good about the rain season 3. Simone meets a brother and sister living off the grid. She needs their help and time is running out.

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