About Us


Indonesia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that year after year its glory began to make the world open its eyes, because it has a rapid rate of economic growth. But unfortunately when seen in reality, the news raised to the screen is news that presents about the many wars between brothers, crime and even violence caused by the issue of “SARAP – Race and Political Religion”. According to Ni Ketut Windhi Maretha in his journal said that the media should provide balanced news not only from negative news but also positive news that can arouse people’s awareness to love their homeland by presenting programs that educate and awaken a sense of nationalism. That is the reality, when we watch the news to divert attention from entertainment shows that are less educative, we as viewers are also provoked to see such a program.

Greatnesia Efforts

In an effort to offset the negative news that continues to pound the Indonesian people from various sides, we took the initiative to present more positive information about the state of our beloved country in Indonesia. The information to be displayed includes the achievements and success of the nation’s children, the natural wealth of the archipelago, and the diversity of the nation’s culture in any form (text, images, photos, videos). The information provided is not only one-way. Every reader who has positive information can participate. Greatnesia provides various platforms for readers to obtain and share positive information from other readers by carrying out the spirit of “Unity in Diversity” and “Citizen Journalism”.